March 21, 2024

Nova Siegmann
Senior Manager, Content & Education
April 8, 2024
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March 21, 2024

Background Blur in Meetings/Recordings:

Prior to starting a meeting, hosts and guests now have the ability to enable the background blur setting for themselves. This feature enhances privacy and focus during virtual meetings and recordings.

Upload Custom Videos to Recordings Dashboard:

Users can now seamlessly upload edited or non-VRIFY videos directly to the recordings dashboard and use them as embeds. Whether it's content from your computer or recordings made within VRIFY, the process is now more streamlined for enhanced flexibility.

Public Facing Video Slides:

Introducing public-facing video slides. Clients can now incorporate video slides into VRIFY decks, offering a dynamic and engaging presentation experience.

Hide 3D Layer Menu:

An option is now available to hide the 3D layer menu as a deck setting. While the 3D model menu remains visible by default, users can choose to conceal it on a deck-by-deck basis, providing more control over the presentation environment and a more streamlined viewer experience.

3D Layer Menu Updates:

There have been significant design and feature updates to the 3D layer menu. Those who utilize this feature during presentations may notice enhancements in functionality and aesthetics.

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