April 24, 2024

Nova Siegmann
Senior Manager, Content & Education
April 23, 2024
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April 24, 2024

Create a Label Shortcut:

You can now add Labels to your 3D Slides by right-clicking anywhere on your 3D Model while in Edit Mode. This streamlines the process to create a new Label and gives you more control over adding a Label to a specific Layer in your 3D Model.

Multi-Line Labels:

Labels can now be created with multi-line text. To create a Label with more than one line of text, type Control+Shift (on PC) or Command+Shift (on MacOS), then continue creating your Label.

Additional Label Controls in 3D Models:

New controls are available to manage your Labels directly from the slide preview area of your 3D Slides. When editing a 3D Slide, right-click on your Label to see a menu where you can delete the Label, toggle the Flagpole on/off, or hide the Label.

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